Metal Slug Defense Hack (iOS and Android)

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Game is released on 30 April, 2014, developed by SNK Playmore. After 8 days of its release game is downloaded by more than 1.5 million people. It’s a shooting game developed in 2D mode. It is just like the old school Metal Slug we used to play back in the day but with a touch of the 21st century. I still remember when people used to keep playing this game for hours long! Believe me, it is more fun and action packed this time then what it used to be.

Take over the enemy base camps and let them feel the taste of defeat! In the start, the players can only play with the normal soldiers but as you progress, modern soldiers will also join the ranks. This time it is no holds bar with fully action packed 100+ stages. You will only get tons of stages to play, you will also see 60+ different characters in the game which is a totally new feature. One new ground breaking feature of this game is the Wi-Fi battles in which you can play online battles using Wi-Fi. This is really an innovative idea by the SNK Playmore.



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